Monday, December 1, 2014

Research: Worcester Art Museum "Then and Now" by Travis Simpkins. Update #26

     -The first photo, from 1924, shows a special exhibition in the third floor's west gallery featuring (amongst others) the work of one of my favorites, Russian artist Boris Grigoriev (1886-1939). It doesn't differ much from views of the same gallery that I've posted previously, but I found it interesting to see the room used as a changing exhibit space. The same spot today finds the viewer facing south in the Donnelly (20th Century) Gallery.
     -The second "Then and Now" composition looks at the Donnelly Gallery, which was reopened in 2011 after being used as storage space for several years. The first photo, from 2011, shows the gallery as it first appeared without platforms and other "Do Not Touch" indicators (which proved very problematic when visitors arrived). The current view has the modest necessary precautions in place. Also of note in the 2011 photo, at center, is Tom Wesselmann's wonderful (but rarely seen) 1962 painting "Great American Nude #36." I've been at WAM for 16 years, and this was the only time that I can recall seeing it on display.

     -It was requested that I post another sketch of Jean-Antoine Houdon's portrait bust of his daughter, "Claudine Houdon". So, from a different angle, this is the opposite profile from the one I posted a few weeks ago.

     -Also by popular request, here is another pairing of the portrait of Worcester artist Terri Priest I did with one of her pieces in the WAM collection. This abstract composition of hers, from 1975, has the title of "Summer Solitude."

Donnelly Gallery. Worcester Art Museum. by Travis Simpkins

Donnelly Gallery. Worcester Art Museum. by Travis Simpkins

Claudine Houdon. Worcester Art Museum. by Travis Simpkins

Terri Priest by Travis Simpkins. Worcester Art Museum.