Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Museum Hours (2012): Movie Drama Set in Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum

Museum Hours (2012)
Brief Review by Travis Simpkins

     Written and directed by Jem Cohen, Museum Hours (2012) is a superb drama set in and around Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum. The story concerns a woman that travels to Vienna to visit an ill relative in the hospital, and ends up befriending a Gallery Attentant at the nearby art museum… the two discover the many ways in which art reflects and shapes daily life. The cinematography is beautiful, and the film creates an intimate portrayal and look into the sometimes-tedious job of a museum security guard and their relationship with the art surrounding them for hours on end. Particular care and focus is given to the works of Pieter Breugel and Rembrandt. Bobby Sommer and Mary Margaret O'Hara do a fine job in the lead roles. 

"Museum Hours"- movie trailer