Saturday, September 19, 2015

Justin and the Knights of Valour (2013): Medieval Animation

     Co-written and directed by Manuel Sicilia, and produced by Antonio Banderas, Justin and the Knights of Valour (2013) didn't fare well with critics… but nevertheless, is quite good in many regards. The story concerns a boy in medieval times, who yearns to be a knight like his grandfather… However, his bureaucrat father passed a law prohibiting knights, and everything else in the kingdom. With his grandmother's blessing the boy decides to rebel, follow his dreams and begin his quest to become a knight by retrieving his grandfather's sword, which was taken by the man who killed him. The background images of medieval architecture are particularly intriguing, like the cliff-top abbey and castle, which nicely allude to medieval stonework and architectural elements. Some of the characters, including the aging knight, panic-attack-prone monk and feisty bar girl are quite memorable and really carry the storyline along. The voice cast does a good job, including Freddie Highmore, Antonio Banderas, Saoirse Ronan, Charles Dance, Rupert Everett, Alfred Molina, Mark Strong, Ricky Gervais, Olivia Williams, Ralph Fiennes and Olivia Hussey.

"Justin and the Knights of Valour"- movie trailer