Sunday, October 25, 2015

Attila (2013): Low Budget Looting

     Co-written and directed by Emmanuel Itier, Attila (2013) combines many cliched elements from much better films into a lackluster recipe that doesn't really work. In the story, American soldiers are sent on an anonymous mission and inadvertently steal the final part of Attila the Hun's "Staff of Moses" (the military already has the other two pieces), a powerful ancient artifact with immense atomic capabilities. This act of looting awakens Attila's barbarian guardian, and the mummy wreaks bloody havoc on everyone nearby. The concept is fine, however… bad writing, bad acting, shaky camerawork and cheap effects all-around make little use of it's low budget. Although, on the bright side, the ancient prologue scenes do offer some interesting aesthetic appeal. UFC fighter Cheick Kongo appears (masked) in a lead role.

"Attila"- movie trailer