Saturday, August 20, 2016

Worcester Historical Museum: Portrait Busts of Isaac Davis. Rogers & Kinney. by Travis Simpkins

Portrait Busts of Isaac Davis. Worcester Historical Museum. by Travis Simpkins

     These two busts portray the same person 20 years apart: Isaac Davis (1799-1883). It is interesting how time and artistic point of view can often conclude such differences in aesthetic appearance. The bust on the left was completed in 1875 by Randolph Rogers. The one on the right was sculpted 20 years earlier in 1855 by Benjamin H. Kinney. Both are in the collection of the Worcester Historical Museum, where local history is wonderfully preserved and connections to the past are thoughtfully explained. Thanks to WHM Director Bill Wallace for the historical background info on these two great works of art. I enjoyed creating these sketches of the busts and learning more about them in the process.

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