Friday, July 21, 2017

MG Henry Knox Portrait by Travis Simpkins Donated to Knox Museum in Thomaston, Maine

Major General Henry Knox portrait by Travis Simpkins on display at the Knox Museum. Thomaston, Maine

     Last month, I was contacted by the Grand Lodge of Maine. They were looking to acquire my portrait of Major General Henry Knox for a permanent display at the Knox Museum in Thomaston, Maine. I decided to donate the portrait to the museum in honor of my friend Jack Hickey's term as Master of MG Henry Knox Lodge in Boston. It will be an honor to have my work displayed in perpetuity at the Knox Museum and it seemed a fitting way to express thanks to a friend (an engraved brass plate adorns the frame).
     The Knox Museum (known as "Montpelier") is changing focus and moving away from the traditional "historic house museum" format. Now, instead of being stuck in time, the rooms of Montpelier will feature different interactive exhibits relating to the life of Major General Henry Knox (1750-1806), the first United States Secretary of War and hero of the American Revolution. I'm looking forward to visiting and seeing the results. Thanks to Ed King, Grand Librarian/Museum Curator of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Maine for his work in putting all this together.

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Jack Hickey with MG Henry Knox portrait by Travis Simpkins at the Knox Museum