Wednesday, October 30, 2019

DeMolay Foundation Website Includes Portrait of Frank S. "Dad" Land by Travis Simpkins

DeMolay Foundation. Portrait of Frank S. "Dad" Land by Travis Simpkins

      My fraternal interests developed too late in life and I missed joining DeMolay by a few decades. However, many of the Brothers I've come to know well in recent years were greatly influenced by the organization and are always extolling it's virtues.

     So, with that in mind, I gladly consented when I was contacted by the DeMolay Foundation a while back and asked if they could include my portrait of Frank S. "Dad" Land on their website. It's currently featured in the "about" section. There was also mention of utilizing the portrait in a couple other DeMolay projects, and I agreed to those as well.

For more info, please visit:

100 years - Order of DeMolay ( DeMolay International )