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"Freemasonry: An Introduction" by Mark Koltko-Rivera, Ph.D.

"Freemasonry: An Introduction" 
by Mark E. Koltko-Rivera, Ph.D.
Penguin Group Publishers, 2007
Brief Review by Travis Simpkins

     Without question, Freemasonry: An Introduction by Dr. Mark Koltko-Rivera is amongst the best preliminary texts for those seeking general information about the Craft. The book also provides helpful tips, and illustrates the necessary steps to become a member of a Masonic lodge. Well-versed insights are put forth by Dr. Koltko-Rivera, a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason and a Masonic Knight Templar, offering an insider's view of the many things Freemasonry has to offer men in the 21st Century. He explains what the Craft is, but perhaps just as importantly, he discusses what it isn't and addresses the numerous misconceptions as well. Many topics are given pause for thought, including history, symbolism, controversies, anti-masonry accusations, terminology as well as the commonly asked what, why and how queries. A chapter is devoted to pop-culture and fictional portrayals of Freemasons as well, like select Dan Brown novels and the National Treasure film franchise. Acknowledging the book as a starting point, Dr. Koltko-Rivera offers suggestions on future reading… furthering the concept that the most veritable books about Freemasonry are written by Freemasons. At 164 pages, Freemasonry: An Introduction provides an invitation to self-discovery, while offering a brief and illuminating look at this mysterious and fascinating "Secret Society."

Mark Koltko-Rivera, Ph.D.: Freemasonry: An Introduction.  Mark Koltko-Rivera

Constitutions of Freemasonry: Freemasonry: An Introduction.  Mark Koltko-Rivera

Symbols of Freemasonry: Freemasonry: An Introduction.  Mark Koltko-Rivera

Albert Pike (1809-1891): Freemasonry: An Introduction.  Mark Koltko-Rivera

The Steps of Freemasonry: Freemasonry: An Introduction.  Mark Koltko-Rivera

"The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown: Freemasonry: An Introduction.  Mark Koltko-Rivera

National Treasure: Freemasonry: An Introduction.  Mark Koltko-Rivera

"Esoteric Freemasonry" by Dr. Mark Koltko-Rivera

"Freemasonry: An Introduction" by Dr. Mark Koltko-Rivera

"Freemasonry: An Introduction" book trailer