Thursday, August 27, 2020

Count Alessandro Cagliostro. Healer, Alchemist and Freemason. Age of Enlightenment. by Travis Simpkins

Count Alessandro di Cagliostro. Giuseppe Balsamo. Egyptian Rite Freemasonry. by Travis Simpkins

Sketch of a Portrait Bust of
Count Alessandro di Cagliostro
Giuseppe Balsamo
( 1743 - 1795 )
Freemason, Alchemist, Occultist 
Mystic and Traveler
Founder of the Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry
The Ancient Rite of Memphis-Misrain
by Travis Simpkins

based on a 1786 marble bust by Jean-Antoine Houdon
Collection of the National Gallery of Art. Washington, DC

Philippa Faulks & Robert L.D. Cooper : 
The Masonic Magician. Count Cagliostro

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Count Cagliostro. Freemason. by Travis Simpkins. Philippa Faulks