Monday, October 30, 2023

Mythologies. William Butler Yeats

Mythologies. William Butler Yeats. Occult
Mythologies. William Butler Yeats. Occult

William Butler Yeats, Ireland's greatest poet (and a member of the Golden Dawn), originally published his various Folk Legends, Faerie Tales and other assorted Occult writings in a few separate books during the 1890s. He later combined and republished them in one volume, "Mythologies." An interesting read.

A classic collection of Irish fairy tales and lore by Nobel Peace Prize-winning author and poet W. B. Yeats

Originally published as two separate volumes in 1800s, this premier collection of Irish stories edited and compiled W. B. Yeats is the perfect gift for any lover of Irish literature and folklore. The lyrical prose and rich cultural heritage of each tale will captivate and enchant readers of all ages and keep them entertained for hours on end.

This volume contains more than seventy classic Irish stories, including timeless characters and mythology passed down for generations such as: The Trooping Fairies
The Lepracaun
The Kildare Pooka
How Thomas Connolly met the Banshee
And many more!