Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Techniques of High Magic. Francis King and Stephen Skinner

Techniques of High Magic. Francis King and Stephen Skinner

Re-reading "Techniques of High Magic"...

     Stephen Skinner co-wrote this book more than 40 years ago, back in the 1970's, and it has since become a Classic in the genre.
Dr. Skinner is still producing some of the best occult books available today, and I believe he has a new book coming out this month or next.

"Self-initiation into practical magic with clear instructions on how to perform invocation and evocations, achieve astral projection, make effective talismans, or practice divination using either geomancy, tarot or I Ching. Useful for a complete beginner or those further along the path.

Dr Stephen Skinner authored "Techniques of High Magic" with Francis King in 1976, but it is still remarkably relevant today. He has produced a number of other books on practical magic since including: "Geomancy in Theory and Practice", which is still the most complete work in English on the history and practice of Western divinatory geomancy. Highly illustrated coffee-table books on "Millennium Prophecies: Apocalypse 2000" and "Nostradamus" (also with Francis King) were followed by "Sacred Geometry." From 2004 - 2010 he collaborated with David Rankine to produce the first six volumes of the Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic series including fresh translations of a number of grimoires: "The Key of Solomon", the "Lemegeton", "Goetia", "Ars Almadel", "Theurgia-Goetia," Ars Paulina", "Janua Reserata", and "Sefer Raziel".He produced a substantial reference book: the "Complete Magician’s Tables" which is a tabular summary of the correspondences that are important to the theory and practice of magic; their Kabbalistic framework; the attendant angels and demons from many grimoires; the gods of many cultures; the constituents of astrology (Greek, Babylonian and Egyptian); gem stones, plants, perfumes and incenses of practical magic; the gematria and isopsephy of many Greek and Hebrew words, and correspondences with Eastern belief systems like the Yi Jing, a total of over 840 comparative tables. Stephen summarized the practical magic techniques to be found in the grimoires in his "Techniques of Solomonic Magic" in 2015, and went back to the main roots of all western magic, the Greek magical papyri published in "Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic" in 2014. He has also written a number of books on Feng Shui,including a substantial reference book to the subject: the "Guide to the Feng Shui Compass," the fruit of years of research into Chinese sources in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Stephen has written more than 46 books, translated into more than twenty different languages. He was awarded a PhD in Classics by the University of Newcastle for his research on the Greek text of the PGM and a number of Latin grimoires. Stephen lives in Singapore. His website is www.SSkinner.com His Wikipedia entry is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Skinner_(author)"