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Love, Sex and Magick. Exploring the Spiritual Union Between Male and Female. Sirona Knight. Tantra

Love, Sex and Magick. Exploring the Spiritual Union Between Male and Female. Sirona Knight. Tantra
Love, Sex and Magick. Exploring the Spiritual Union Between Male and Female. Sirona Knight. Tantra

"Love, Sex and Magick: Exploring the Spiritual Union Between Male and Female" by Sirona Knight provides an insightful overview of a Sacred subject. 

From this bestselling author comes a guide to the deeper, stronger love and more satisfying sexual experiences that are gained through the magickal practices of both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions of love and sacred sex.

Discover sacred love, ecstasy, and bliss every day! You'll find the secrets of lasting love, superb sex, and powerful magick within the pages of this provocative and intriguing book. Love, Sex, and Magick unites Eastern and Western sex magick into one useful and exciting resource guide. Learn successful techniques that will enhance very facet of your spiritual , emotional, and sensual life. Enter into higher states of consciousness and sensual awareness and experience the sacred union between feminine, masculine, and divine energies.
Find out for yourself why sacred sex is a lot hotter than ordinary sex. Love, Sex, and Magick provides easy-to-follow step-by-step methods for integrating sacred sex into your daily life. Learn how to create and enjoy more romance, passion, and fulfilling sex, using specific tantric and sex magick practices.
The definitive guide to deeper, stronger love and more satisfying sexual experiences, Love, Sex, and Magick includes instructions for Activating Your Kundalini Tantra Practice Sex Magick Running the Light Love Spells and Charms Finding Your Perfect Lover Magickal Patterning Setting Up Your Sacred Sex Altar Candle Magick Crystal and Gemstone Magick Herbal Magick and Love Oils BaGua Layouts and Feng Shui for the Bedroom.
Extensive appendices include dozens of love and sex spells and charms, recipes, incense formulas, god and goddess listings, and much more. There is also a handy glossary and source directory.
Love, Sex, and Magick focuses on expanding your physical, mental, and spiritual awareness, empowering you to cultivate intensely satisfying relationships with your partner, the divine, and even yourself.
"In this wonderful book, Sirona provides the magickal steps to ecstasy and bliss. This is a priceless gift to the world." --Michael Peter Langevin, publisher, Magical Blend
"The book that the great majority of people are looking for when they decide to study sex magick... If this is your first book on sex magick, it is an excellent choice. If this is not your first book on the subject, it will be the one to rekindle your interest." --A.J. Drew, author of Wicca for Men
"A must' for anyone seeking love, involved in a relationship, recovering from love, or in love with love! Keen perspectives, combined with a bit of wit and wisdom, make this book one that you'll return to again and again!" --Patricia Telesco, Wiccan author of The Wiccan Book of Ceremonies and Rituals

Sirona Knight's Love, Sex and Magick, Exploring the Sacred Union Between Male and Female, is a concise guide for those couples ready to explore ways to reach new levels of intimacy and awareness in their relationships. Sirona provides clearly described exercises for partners to try at home, complete with appendixes of information and recipes you can use right away. Take a cue from the author to discover how to evolve your relationship from sensuous to sensitive to spiritual. Once you realize how the energy of your personal space sets the stage for your intimate relationships, you move on to merging your energies through the chakras. If you are ready to form a committed relationship, there is an example of a ritual presented from her Druid tradition. You really do discover how the power of two people joined together can become much more in all aspects of life. If this sounds complicated, it's not. The beginnings of deepening your relationship can be as simple as a deep breathing or visualization exercise. Sirona shows how the teachings of Hindus, Taoists and the Druids all share common elements and perspectives that serve to support enhanced intimacy through heightened energy awareness and activation. This insight itself will be refreshing to all those who have the impression that these are all borrowed from Eastern spiritual traditions. Western sexual spiritual traditions are just as deep and rewarding to those who take the time to examine Love, Sex and Magick. This manual can be a great gift to you and someone you care about. - Dan Liss, Aquarius