Friday, June 29, 2018

Daniel Seagrave. Order of the Eastern Star. Grand Chapter of Massachusetts. by Travis Simpkins

Daniel Seagrave. Stella Chapter No 3. Grand Chapter of Massachusetts. Order of the Eastern Star. by Travis Simpkins

 I've been helping out with a project for Stella Chapter No. 3, Order of the Eastern Star, which was chartered in Worcester in 1871. I'm creating new portraits of some of the founders and trying to learn more about their history. This is Daniel Seagrave (1831-1902). He kindled an interest in the Adoptive Rite in the area beginning in 1868. He signed the petition, was an original member and served as first Worthy Patron of Stella Chapter in 1871. He also organized the Grand Chapter, OES, of Massachusetts in 1876 and served as the first Grand Patron and later as Grand Secretary. He was a co-founder of the Worcester Society of Antiquity in 1875, which is still around, but has evolved into and been renamed the Worcester Historical Museum. He was also a member of the American Antiquarian Society. It was a hot day in the cemetery and even with a general idea of the location of the plot, it still took me over an hour to find the headstone of Daniel and his wife Delia, who was also a charter member of the Chapter. The history is quite fascinating. Stella Chapter actually predates the Grand Chapter of Massachusetts by five years and their original seal was designed with the star pointing upwards. The Chapter will be celebrating it's 150th Anniversary in 2021.